The Las Vegas Railroad Society is a 501 (c) (3) Southern Nevada Nonprofit Organization, founded in 1999 with a dedicated mission to collect, preserve and exhibit steam era artifacts and railroad memorabilia for the cultural enrichment of the community. With interactive museum exhibits and historical reenactments the Las Vegas Railroad Society & Museum will 'bring to life' the fascinating history of Southern Nevada’s railroads; its industries and cultural heritage of the late 19th and early 20th century. Continued hands-on learning and using the medium of operating trains will educate the public about our nation's railroad history and mining history, as also tomorrow's new railroad technologies.


It is the LV Railroad Society's vision provide unlimited hands-on 'Railroad Heritage Exploratorium' programs.

  • The phased and growing cultural center will bustle with authentic sounds and sights depicted within the Gilded-Progressive Age.
  • The reenactment of Las Vegas’ nostalgic steam era was selected as a tribute to industrial ingenuity, paired with the pioneer entrepreneurial spirit for which Nevadans are known.
  • Expanded Exploratorium programs also provide views to living in harmony with nature with innovative new technologies and lifestyles.


1] Additional museum building expansions. / To expand year-round available community programs.  
2] To support our local economy. / With attracting a new kind of tourism from around the world.
3] To ceate notable job opportunities. / As also year-round job shadowing opportunities for youth.
4] Voicing our ongoing support for public transportation. / On behalf of our entire community in all corridors in our valley..


Las Vegas Railroad Society
The Official 'Care Taker' of our City's Railroad Heritage


 The Las Vegas Railroad Society is now 
creating a 'Living Memorial' for the tremendous impact 
the Railroad had on our City's Growth! 


Last But Not Least.....


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